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System Comfort


Moisture monitoring


The safe permanent status monitoring of the moisture content in the flat roof package. The recording of the relevant measurement data takes place by means of special radio sensors. The collected data are transmitted via a roof-mounted radio center.


System Components

Roof Protector RP500 FTS 

The maintenance indicator TYP RP 500 FTS can easily be retrofitted to radio in the basic version.

Roof Protector RP FM 

The maintenance indicator TYPE RP FM consists essentially of:  data acquisition and forwarding to the radio center unit TYP RP FZ


Measured variable

Moisture: 0 - 100 digit

Temperature: -20 to +120 °C


Area of use

  • For moisture measurement in low-pitched warm roof structures
  • For controlled random sampling
  • For demonstrating the absence of roof leaks
  • For detailed assessment of the roof condition and function
  • For recording the development of moisture and temperature in the roof package


The radio monitoring system is the future pathfinder for your flat roof monitoring. The recorded measurement data are stored on a central server of RPM Gebäudemonitoring GmbH and can be queried permanently and any time via a web browser.