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Quality Leak Test

Flat roof leak detection and quality sealing test at the highest level


PREVENTIVE - Protection against major damage

ACCEPTANCE - Independent quality checks, secure status quo!

CASE OF DAMAGE - quick help and location of all leaks!

Take advantage of our cost-saving measurement technique for precise documentation of all weak points on your flat roof.





Weak point No. 1 on buildings: the flat roof!

Professional leak detection avoids cost intense renovations and extend the lifespan of your flat roofs.

Mechanical influences of weather and climate as well as technical manufacturing defects can lead - in the course of time - to small leaks on the flat roof, which can spread rapidly over the entire surface. Therefore,flat roofs are amongst the most heavily used parts of the building. The location of cracks and damaged spots is usually very difficult. Water entry points are visually difficult to locate and the actual damage area is usually far away from the visible dripping point or wet spot.


SLD - Sensor Leak Detection offers the best solution

Cost-effective and precise detection of partial areas or full-surfaces as well as extensive documentation while being independent and on request in cooperation with your service providers.

Professional roof maintenance contracts with services which are based on your needs. Please ask for our Roof Protection Plan.


Our SLD roofing experts are specialized in leak detection!

Our experience is based on numerous inspections of various objects and coverings in regions with difficult climate conditions such as Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria and Great Britain. You can benefit from our know-how and the high SLD standard. Our certified SLD partners are well represented across Europe and available for you at any time. Ensure the long-term value of your property by using the expertise of the SLD group.


The Sensor Leak Detection - technique:

The roof leak detection is based on three sophisticated measuring methods which are used as variants of the LV-Low Voltage pulsed current method or HV-High Voltage spark method, depending on the task (e.g. large area, partial area or punctual location). Due to innovative measuring methods and intensive training and education of all certified SLD partners we can deliver excellent results which are faster and more precise than all conventional

All leaks and potential weak points are detected with pinpoint accuracy. The damaged areas are also documented in a detailed inspection and measurement protocol and displayed as a visual working plan by drawings and photographs. Based on that the cost-saving repair can be initiated immediately by the specialist company.



„The SLD measurement methodology delivers precise results in flat roof leak detection. Ideally, inspection takes place preventively, before and after the refurbishment as well as during the acceptance of new buildings or property takeovers!"


Par Dahlberg, Real Estate Manager, ABB




Highly precise measurement results by using pulsed current methods

- the SLD measuring system even

detects the smallest damage spots.



Accurate localization of damaged areas and

precise documentation of inspection results

for subsequent damage repair.



Leak detection without risky flooding

or time-consuming exposure of insulation, gravel,

green roofs or superstructures.



Inspection and roof leak detection at an all-in price
or billing per square meter.



SLD is a leader in technical certification of flat roofs in Europe.

The RPP-Certificate (Roof Protection Plan) guarantees

the professional execution of roof leak detection.



SLD is where your building is.

Benefit from quick actions by our local partners.



Find out more about SLD in our info film!

SLD inspection guarantees you maximum protection against leaks!


Let our experts create your individual offer. Our service staff will be pleased to discuss your needs and provide you with an offer that matches your wishes.

Call us today and take advantage of our service to maximize leakage protection on your property.