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RPM Gebäudemonitoring GmbH

RPM Gebäudemonitoring GmbH, with its headquarters in Völkermarkt in Carinthia, Austria, is a subsidiary of the Eder Blech- und Fassedenbau company in Völkermarkt.


The initiative for setting it up is based on a successfully completed research project in collaboration with partners from industry, science and trade, including Carinthia Technical College, the Institute for Flat Roof Construction and Structural Waterproofing, and Carinthian Tech Research. RPM Gebäudemonitoring GmbH develops, produces and markets detection systems for permanent moisture monitoring in flat roofs. The products can be used both in renovation and new building and demonstrably increase the lifetime of the flat roof while reducing renovation costs. 

Target groups are architects, planners, authorised experts and roofers. The strategic corporate structure is planned in 3 phases. The Austrian market will be opened up in Phase 1, Germany and Switzerland will be targeted in Phase 2 and other interesting European markets will be located in Phase 3.